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WE WON!!!! But...

After all the hard work that went into the Up/Start competition for funding Endless Dolls we were one of the winners! It was so exciting to compete and present the vision that is Endless dolls to so many people. Talk. about. nervous. Not only was I in front of an entire theater of people including the judges deciding if I would receive financing, but I was being live streamed across the country! What a whirlwind!

Unfortunately, we did not get the full funding we were asking for, but we got $6k to put towards our projected need of $30k and an offer for additional help. Here's where the big "but" comes in. That additional help came in the form of a link, a workshop I would have to spend money on getting to and getting supplies for, and a huge push to do a ton of fundraising, all while I was expecting help in the form of doing things like creating a full proof of concept. So needless to say, I turned down the extra help as it just left me feeling as though the competition was more of a "we care" for clout than a true show of concern for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

No worries though, I graduated with a Masters in Business of Art and Design Entrepreneurship, still got some funding, and have all new plans for starting full time production! I have been shopping around for a large shed to make a full workshop in my new backyard where I can streamline every step of the process from start to finish and bring beautiful body positive dolls straight to you!

So, here's to the next steps in bringing Endless Dolls from vision to reality, and we can't wait to connect with all of our future customers!

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