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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Endless Dolls?

Endless Dolls are doll blanks. Each doll starts off with a hand sculpted model which is then molded and cast to create a thick doll that can be modified easily without risking excessive holes that need filled allowing you to create to your hearts content. We are a body positive, lgbtqia inclusive company which means you will find more body types and gender options with us than anywhere else. With an Endless Doll you will spend less time creating a new base out of a typical doll and more time realizing your vision. To learn more about who we are visit our about page, and don't forget to meet the artist and owner of Endless Dolls, Kendra. When you're done there remember to subscribe to our newsletter so you can keep up with our blog!

Do your dolls come pre-assembled?

Our full doll bodies will come pre-assembled except for the head. Heads must be purchased separately. However, we do offer individual body part sales. Building an entire doll from individual parts will cost more than ordering a pre-assembled doll, so we strongly encourage pre-assembled dolls with additional body parts as needed for changing out the pieces if you desire.

What are Anther and Stigma?

Anther and Stigma are the male and female parts of a flower. The anther produces the pollen, while the stigma is where the pollen germinates. Anther dolls will have a penis, and more masculine features. Stigma Dolls will have a vulva and more feminine features. Like flowers, humans are capable of being feminine or masculine because gender is a spectrum and as the creator you get to choose what that means to you.

diagram of a flower highlighting the stigma as part of the feminine and Anther as part of the masculine parts of the flower
Are your dolls meant for children?

Our dolls are meant to be creations of your imagination. They are just a base with no face, or color variation such as body blushing. They do not come with clothes or accessories. They are also carved to have biologically accurate genitalia. We recommend our dolls purely for the doll rebody community, regardless of age; given parental consent for minors.

How many colors do your dolls come in?
a white background with 52 circles showing each of Endless Dolls' skin tone color options

We have 52 colors; 40 natural skin tones: 9 sable, 21 ebon, and 10 Roseate, plus 12 fantasy colors: 7 Prism, 1 Ebon, and 4 Sable. Colors will appear different on screen than in real life.

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