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Meet the creative mind behind Endless Dolls

an image of 5 people sitting around a table with the creator of Endless Dolls at the head of the table laughing

Kendra Bray is a vivacious, out-going, often pink-haired, kind hearted soul who grew up in Georgia, USA. As a proud POC and member of the LGBTQ+ community she has made it her mission to bring representation and equality to doll rebodying. She earned her BFA as a drawing and painting major in 2020 from Kennesaw State University where she did two directed studies in which she proposed two advanced classes, studied lost wax castings, and worked on a project focused on the 64,000 missing black women and girls in a portraiture setting. She earned her Masters in Business of Art and Design Entrepreneurship in 2023, through which she has cultivated the details of her dream of bringing Endless Dolls to life with an anti-capitalist, transparent business model. 

Kendra is known to the doll rebody community on youtube, instagram, and TikTok as SeasonalFrostbite. She started doll customization in 2014 and eventually began rebodying because she felt there wasn't enough articulation in certain available doll models. Soon the frustration turned to a bitterness over the lack of representation of body types and skin tones. Kendra would spend hours just creating the perfect male, trans, plus size, muscular, or any other form of realistic doll, followed by the aggravation of mixing paint to the right color to create a variety of skin tones. This sparked a plan: it was time someone brought realistic doll bases to the community. With 58% of toy sales going to adults Kendra knew she couldn't be alone and a dream was born.

Endless Dolls creator Kendra Bray lighting a lighter and winking at the camera with hair and outfit done for halloween
Endless Dolls creator Kendra Bray smiling into the Camera with Dream Box Dupe in background

As the hardest worker and biggest dreamer you'll ever know Kendra works tirelessly on bringing the beauty of true representation to dolls while teaching art to the next generation of dreamers, dealing with set backs with grace and somehow still finds time for friends and family. She maintains her joyful and bubbly personality through hardship and prosperity and brings that joy to everyone she meets.

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