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Endless Dolls Logog

About Us

Bringing representation and quality to the doll rebody community

Endless Dolls is a custom doll base creator for the doll rebody community. We believe in true body representation and complete customization. With easily over 8,000 (and growing) possible combinations for your custom dolls we are truly ushering in an era of diversity for the adult doll creator. We are here to make all of your doll making dreams come true. All we need from you is a little imagination!

sculpted doll pieces scattered around a burning candle on a wooden table

What makes Endless Dolls Different?

Our Process

All of our doll parts are hand sculpted and sanded, then they are reproduced using platinum cured silicone made for pressurized casting. Once a mold is made we mix and pour a semi-soft resin with a careful dye recipe that is hand mixed in-studio for consistent color. Next the molds are placed in a casting chamber to remove 99% of the bubbles. The final product has super articulation perfect for posing and stop motion!


Traditional doll bodies are thin and hollow which means it doesn't take much to create a giant gaping hole in the doll's plastic. Because our dolls are cast thicker than average you can easily sand down unwanted breasts, details, drill hole cavities and modify pieces from different body shape lines to fit together perfectly.

Gender Representation

We named our products Anther and Stigma which are the masculine and feminine parts of the flower. Endless Dolls is meant to be interchangeable and inclusive; by not bogging ourselves down with gendered parts we allow you to describe and create your own genders for your dolls. We have made it possible to create dolls representing trans, non binary, amab, afab, or cis representations.

Body Diversity

We offer three different body types: Roundie, Slim, and Muscular, with plans to expand in the future. Each body shape comes in 5 heights: Adult, Teen, Pre-teen, and Unisex Child. We even have plans to include fantasy creature body types such as gargoyles, vampires, and centaurs with the promise of the same high quality in articulation already found in our dolls.

Endless Dolls is the brainchild of Kendra M. Bray. Kendra spent years building her doll rebody Youtube channel, SeasonalFrostbite. She even created tutorials on how to change a doll's skin tone because there was a shortage of black dolls, and a tutorial on how to change your girl dolls to boy dolls due to the market saturation of girl dolls. She was spending 17 hours just creating the perfect base which lead to major project burnout.

Throw in the discontinuation of several fashion dolls, including Kendra's favorite doll sculpts from Monster High in 2018 and she knew she had to do something. What would happen to Kendra and all of her peers? It was time to brainstorm with her friends and colleagues.

Kendra began asking questions:

  • What if my dolls already came ready in the colors I want?

  • What if it came in at least 51 different color options focused on hard to find dark skin dolls and even fantasy skin tones?

  • What if the doll body had super articulation; perfect for posing and stop motion?

  • What if those parts were interchangeable and designed to be modified so you can save hours on doll body modifications?

  • What if there was a doll making supply company that catered to supporting the doll customizer and adult doll community?


There had to be a better way.

After 8 years testing resins, studying doll articulation and how the human body moves,  and learning to use industrial equipment she created the first prototype.  Now it was time to do more, so Kendra started focusing heavily on creating Endless Dolls. She began grad school at Maryland Institute College of the Arts (MICA) to learn how to market, create a business plan, and run that business. Eight months after being accepted in to the BAAD program (Business of Art and Design), Endless Dolls made it to one of the Top 8 Finals of UPSTART, a start-up business competition created by MICA, and has plans to fully launch in 2023!

Our Story

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