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Excited To Launch our Doll Customization business!

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Endless Dolls Logo

All of us here at Endless Dolls are so excited to launch in 2023! This has been a long time coming we've done so much work into bringing true representation and body positivity to the doll community. Our vision is to bring you hand sculpted, customizable blank doll bodies. All we do is cast the parts you select in one of our 51 different color options in a standard 1/6th scale. We don't create the faceups, add body blushing, or accessorize. We leave those details to you, the doll creator!

custom sculpted masculine and feminine doll torsos
Anther and stigma doll torso sculpts

Here at Endless Dolls we name our products Anther and Stigma which are the masculine and feminine parts of the flower. When our creator, Kendra Bray, started on her journey to create Endless Dolls she felt using male and female to describe dolls felt wrong as it was not inclusive. Endless Dolls is meant to be interchangeable and gives you endless possibilities to describe and create your own genders. By naming our bodies the traditional way our customers would be more obligated to only interchange parts that correspond with the typical norm. By sticking to only Anther (Masculine parts of the flower) and Stigma (Feminine parts of the flower) a creator can create their doll's gender on a spectrum from Masculine to Feminine. Flowers have both feminine and masculine parts and are both male and female by our binary standards but aren't bogged down by gender just like our dolls. We believe you can have an array of gender representations that go beyond just our imagination. Here at Endless dolls we believe that only our customers, the creator, can give our products gender. We've made it possible to create dolls representing trans, non binary, amab, afab, or simply cis representations. We wanted you, the creator, the customer, to have an endless sea of variety. Our Doll bodies currently come in three different sizes Roundie, Slim, and Muscular. We have plans to create more body size options however we felt these three sizes are a good start. To have true representation, we wanted to take into account as many body types and as many skin tones as possible. This is why each body shape comes in 5 different heights which is Adult, Teen, Preteen, Unisex Child A and Unisex Child B. And why limit our customers to just humanoid bodies? Endless dolls will be inclusive to all of the Fantasy creatures such as gargoyles, vampires, centaurs with the promise to have the same quality in articulation. There are so many possibilities the customization options are endless! We will be including even more options and colors as we grow; so, get your creative juices flowing and get ready to bring the doll you want to see in the world come to life!

All doll parts are hand sculpted and sanded. Then our doll parts are reproduced using platinum cured silicone made for pressurized casting. Once a mold is made we mix and pour a semi soft resin with a careful dye recipe that is hand mixed in studio for consistent color. Next the molds are placed in a casting chamber to remove 99% of the bubbles. The result is a doll body that you can drill, sand, body blush, paint tattoos, or whatever other mad scientist vibes you inflict! When you, the creator, select full doll bodies from the same body shape line (Roundy, Slim, Etc.) we assemble the pieces for you. If you select from different body shape lines please keep in mind you will have some modifications to do with a rotary tool at home to ensure a perfect fit of the pieces you selected across lines. Our resin bodies are thicccccc! With that many c's we've done this for a reason. When you modify traditional doll bodies, it's hollow and it doesn't take much to create a giant gaping hole in the doll's plastic. With the way we've designed our doll bodies, they're casted thicker than the average doll body on the market. This is because we are customizers ourselves! We thought, now you can sand down unwanted breasts, details, or drill hole cavities much further than you could with a traditional plastic! Not only that the resin allows for you to save SO much time sanding when you do choose to do doll modifications! We want you, the creator, to save time so you can spend more time being creative! Let us handle the doll customizing base for you!

black woman with pink hair with sunlight shining from right side of image
Our owner and CEO Kendra Bray

Endless Dolls was started by our owner and CEO Kendra Bray. She created tutorials on how to change a doll's skin tone because there was a shortage of black dolls and male dolls. She also created a tutorial on how to change your female dolls (Because the market was saturated with girl dolls and still is) into male dolls. She was spending 17 hours on just creating the perfect base to the point she became burnt out with the process and felt there had to be a better way. Then suddenly in 2018 so many fashion dolls were discontinued. This included Kendra's favorite doll sculpts from Monster High which created her prefered face molds to use for doll customs. This caused the cost of materials to spiral out of control. She became worried about how this would affect her peers such as Dollightful, Hexian, Moonlight Jewel and the doll customizing community. She started soundboarding in her small group of friends (Shout out to No Nap Time the Blogger) "What if my dolls already came ready in the colors that I wanted?" "What if it came in 51 different color options focusing on the varieties that are hard to find like dark skin dolls and offer pastel options too?" "What if the doll body had super articulation perfect for posing and stop motion?" "What if those parts were interchangeable and designed to be modified so you can save hours on doll body modifications?" "What if there was a doll making supply company that just focused on supporting the doll customizer and the adult doll community with their products?" Kendra started asking all these questions because she wanted a better way to make dolls. She was spending so much time just preparing a base that she felt she never got a chance to really get creative due to project burnout. She came up with Endless Dolls as she started building her doll customizing Youtube channel, SeasonalFrostbite. She soon began to take this idea and bring it to life much like how she brings dolls to life on her show Mad Scientist Doll Customs. She spent 8 years testing resins, studying doll articulation, how the human body moves, how to use industrial equipment and created the first prototype. Once she completed the first prototype she felt she should do more to make this idea a reality. Kendra took her business a step further and focused on what is now Endless Dolls. This meant going to grad school at Maryland Institute College of the Arts (MICA) to understand how to market, create a business plan, and run a business. After just eight months since being accepted into the BAAD program (Business of Art and Design) Kendra's creation, Endless Dolls, made it to one of the Top 8 finals of UPSTART, a start-up business competition created by MICA, and we're looking forward to our full launch thanks to this competition this coming year!

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